Ahmad Bradshaw Calls Giants Video Tribute “Heartbreaking”


Ahmad Bradshaw returned to New York for the first time since the Giants released him in February.

Bradshaw now in a Colts uniform, was “surprised” by the organization’s video tribute to him before the Colts’ 20-12 victory.

“Oh man, that was awesome,” Bradshaw said after Sunday’s game. “My heart just dropped when that happened. It was just heartbreaking, man. Six years being here and to come and see that, it’s heartbreaking.”

Bradshaw described it as heartbreaking, and it makes you wonder if he feels like he should still be a Giant.

“Very weird,” Bradshaw said of preparing to play in a different uniform. “Like I said, six years, my whole NFL career has been here. To come from the opposite locker room, it’s something I never thought would come.”