Alex Rodriguez Says ‘ People have been trying to get creative trying to cancel my contract’

alex rodriguez people out to get him


Alex Rodriguez is back to talking again.

Friday has come and gone, and with it Arod hasn’t been banned in perpetuity, nor has he even been suspended. Rodriguez spoke to the media after a rehab game, in which he homered on Friday and was all too candid.

Arod confessed that he’s ready to start now and then went on to plant another seed in his conspiracy allegations. When speaking about where he stands in the Biogenesis investigation, Rodriguez said the following, via USA Today:

“There are a lot of layers to it,…My job is to be able to take the field. As far as the legal stuff, I can’t answer that. There are a lot of fans and teammates wondering and asking what is going on…There is more than one party that benefits from me not stepping on the field. It is not my teammates, it is not the Yankees. People have been trying to get creative trying to cancel my contract.”

When asked who that party was Arod replied ‘What do you think?’

Rodriguez continues to press on in his rehab stint, feeling more than certain he’ll take the field Monday when the Yankees are in Chicago. He stated:

“That is the tentative plan if everything goes well. I’m excited because I think I can help the team. My body is beginning to react the right way…I think I’ll be better in six months. I think I’ll be better in 12 months. But I do like the way the ball is jumping off my bat. I also like the way I am throwing the ball. That’s the perfect example of me hitting and throwing a ball in July, August and September…I love the Yankees. I love the clubhouse and my brothers. I’m excited to go back there and help them win another championship.”

Is it over confidence or is he simply delusional to the situation he’s in? Either way Rodriguez’s stance on the matter seems more than clear. He’ stuck on proclaiming his innocence and apparently he feels there’s a conspiracy out to get him.

Good luck with that Mr. Rodriguez. In the meantime, he’s been reportedly offered the option of either taking a lengthy suspension or being banned from the game altogether–conspiracy or not.

But just to further give you a sense of how bizarre Arod’s sense of reality is, he admitted to not even having heard about a recent report from MLB alleging players have until 6pm Sunday to accept suspension deals. Arod persisted:

“I hadn’t heard that,” he said. “I’m doing what I can on the field to get better. I love the game and it has been very good to me. I plan to be in Chicago on Monday unless I get struck by lightning.

Safe to assume Arod’s purposely acting aloof on the suspension matter. I think he’s in for one heck of a wake-up call.