Andrew Luck: Reggie Wayne is Still the Colts Leader

Reggie Andrew

Being the #1 pick and heralded as the best quarterback prospect in years would have many people gain a huge ego. Subsequently it would only seem natural for a quarterback with that kind of hype to attempt to come into a team and take control.

Surprisingly though, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has seemed to be one of the most humble top young players I’ve ever come across. Always making the priority the team, these new comments by Luck regarding leadership shouldn’t actually be that surprising if you look at his track record.

Per ProFootball Talk: “I still defer to Reggie Wayne as the leader of our offense,” Luck said. “But I think as a quarterback there’s a natural progression of leadership, the older you get. I definitely feel more inclined this year to share my opinion if I feel like it’s necessary, or to talk in front of the guys, or what have you. As a quarterback you assume a natural leadership role.”

Luck did let it be known that he feels he can help his teammates understand the new offense, seeing as how offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton was Luck’s OC at Stanford.

“Not that it’s easier, but there’s definitely a much higher comfort level,” Luck said. “We are technically in a new offense, but I — having played with it in college — makes it so much easier to help teach it, and that is a big part of playing the position.”

Typically the quarterback is the leader of any team. Deferring to Reggie Wayne still has to only make Luck gain more respect by his teammates for honoring veterans who came before him.

Colts look to be in good hands at the quarterback position moving forward.