Anonymous Players Say The NBA Has a Sippin on Sizzurp & Weed Problem


Lamar Odom chamique

The NBA drug policy is a joke compared to other leagues. Just look at how the testing policy is worded.

Based on reasonable cause all players are subject to random testing during pre-season with rookies tested three times on a random basis throughout the season.

What exactly would be the reasonable cause? Finding a crack pipe in the locker room? It isn’t surprising NBA players are basically mocking the drugs they use.

One NBA-connected source says pot is “ubiquitous” in the sport. The source adds, however, that most athletes who indulge do so in moderation so it doesn’t have a perceptible impact on their performance. An NBA rep tells us … weed is not only prevalent, it’s hardly hidden — he says the hotel rooms where the players stay, and even the halls, have the telltale smell.

One current and famous player tells TMZ, he estimates 30% of his fellow NBAers use hard drugs — including Molly, Ecstasy, and Lean — at some point during the season.

Another current and famous player tells us Lean is a drug of choice.

None of this is surprising at all and I don’t think Lamar Odom’s situation is going to change anything.