Arod Calls The Last 7 Months ‘A Nightmare’

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He’s back to pointing fingers…

‘PED Monday’ wouldn’t be complete without an official statement from Alex Rodriguez himself. He met with the media at US Cellular Field in Chicago just about 3 hours from game time  and gave a typical Arod speech.

Right off the bat he set the tone of the victim, confessing that the last seven months had been perhaps the worst of his life. He also persisted on not speaking directly on the PED issue, turning the subject from that to again plead his own sympathy case.

When asked if he felt the Yankees wanted him to return he offered the following, via USA Today

“If I’m productive,I think they want me back.”

The Yankees have pressed forward by penciling in Arod in the cleanup spot for tonight’s game vs the White Sox, where Arod will make his season debut.

While the beguiling press conference didn’t help to clarify matters, it did solidify one thing–how good a liar Rodriguez appears to be, and the extent of this invisible chip on his shoulder he carries. He again hinted to conspiracies, when asked if he’ll drop his appeal once MLB releases the evidence they have on him he replied:

“We’ve seen everything. There will be a time and place for everything. When the time is right we’ll all speak more freely.”

Either the man is a pathological liar or MLB really has it out for poor, innocent Mr. Rodriguez.

You be the judge.