Arod Formally Files Appeal For His 211 Game Suspension

alex rodriguez not to appeal


Let the games begin.

Major League Baseball Player’s Association has officially appealed the 211-game suspension levied against Alex Rodriguez on Monday. The case will now reside in the hands of an independent arbitrator.

MLBPA spokesman, Greg Bouris confirmed the news and offered no further comment on the matter. Rodriguez stated he had “no reaction” to the expected move.

Now what should we expect from here? A resolution won’t be reached until the season is well over, so don’t expect Arod to be missing any games this season, barring injury.

The likelihood of the suspension being overturned is about.00000, so this is really more Arod pleading his weak case to save whatever semblance of a good reputation he has and let’s be honest, he wants to ruffle some feathers.

We’re in for the long haul with Arod.

H/T: ESPN New York