Arod Hires A Defense Lawyer

alex rodriguez people out to get him


Someone refuses to go away quietly…

It would be against Arod’s very nature to not hire one of the biggest lawyers in town to plea his case. Arod has hired top criminal defense attorney Joe Tacopina.

Tacopina has been known to tackle on high-profile cases, including one which involed ex-NYPD officer Ken Moreno, who was acquitted of charges of raping a woman in her apartment.

A source told the NY Post the following about Tacopina:

“Joe is a fighter, and that is what Alex needs right now,…He has been brought on to reinforce the trial team, there’s a possibility this could go all the way to federal court. Joe is known for putting the hammer down, he’s going to take on the Yankees and take on MLB.”

Arod was recently hit with a $15,000 fine for seeking a second medical opinion without informing the team. Tacopina reportedly believes it was an attempt by the Yankees to ‘break his (Arod) spirit’.

Arod could very well face federal charges if it’s proven he interfered with MLB’s investigation in any way.

Good move for Arod to lawyer up, he’s gonna need all the help he can get.