Arod To Be Disciplined By The Yankees For Seeking Second Medical Opinion

arod to be punished for second opinion on quad


Alex Rodriguez’s woes know no end.

The second opinion heard around the world will indeed cost Arod some money, ESPN New York was made aware of a letter the Yankees hand-delivered Arod right before his home debut on Friday.

In the letter the Yankees informed Rodriguez that he will be disciplined for seeking a second opinion on the extent of a strained quad injury he was diagnosed with. Rodriquez had orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michael Gross of the Hackensack University Medical Center examine his MRI–then Gross proceeded to do a media tour on Arod’s behalf.

The move proved to be a big black eye for the Yankees, and helped fuel the flames of what’s already become quite the battle between the disgraced third baseman and the organization.

The Yankees did not specify what the punishment would be, a source stated,  but they will cite Article XII, Paragraph D of the CBA which states that a “player shall inform a team in writing” before seeking a second opinion”.

The day before Gross went blabbing to every media outlet, Arod had informed Yankees president Randy Levine that he did not trust the Yankees medical team. This of course all comes in the wake of a 211 game suspension he’s been hit with, and the appeal which was filed on Wednesday.

Arod continues to prove why he’s anything but boring.