Band Makes Auburn-Alabama Rivalry Song Titled “Iron Bowl’ (Audio)


The Auburn vs Alabama rivalry in college football is second to none.

A rivalry so storied deserves its own song right? is reporting that a trio of Nashville song writers led by Walker Hayes, came up with the idea of making a song about the Auburn vs Alabama football rivalry.

The song titled, Iron Bowl, brings rap and country music together.

MOBILE NATIVE WALKER HAYES PLAYS CONCERT AT SPACE 301The song isn’t really going to appease either fan base, so Walker Hayes and his crew really made the song for nothing.

“Somebody said half the people in Alabama would love this song,” said Hayes. “I said, ‘No, everybody in Alabama is going to love half this song.” He added that family members have teased him “because I have to say ‘War Eagle’ so many times when I sing it.”

“Basically we were just trying to keep it as even as possible,” Waterman said. “It’s a fun song. We just want to get it out there.”

It definitely will give both fan bases something to argue about.