Bernie Kosar Won’t Apologize, Says He Didn’t Disrespect The Rams

Bernie Kosar

Former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar raised some eyebrows and lost the respect of Rams head coach Jeff Fisher when he made critical comments about the Rams receivers while broadcasting the Browns preseason opener.

In the booth during the Browns’ second preseason game, Kosar attempted to explain himself, but refused to apologize according to Pro Football Talk.

“I love the game so much, and there’s no way I’d want to disrespect or hurt or make fun of any players or coaches,” Kosar said. “That being said, the way I look at the game, and the way I like to analyze it, it is what it is and again, I don’t want to disrespect or hurt any players or coaches in the league. But I do like the way I look at the game and I have strong feelings about the way the game is played.”

Kosar is a prideful guy, who had success in the league, so it’s no surprise he wouldn’t apologize.  As Kosar and former Browns center LeCharles Bentley pointed out, the Browns have been the butt of jokes for decades.

Browns CEO Joe Banner was the only person to offer something close to an apology.

“We don’t condone the personal and unprofessional approach that Bernie took with some of his comments during the broadcast Thursday night,” Banner said in a statement issued by the team. ”We’ve spoken to Bernie, he understands that, and we would expect the situation is resolved moving forward. We’ve also reached out to the Rams organization and have shared those same sentiments.”