Big Ten and Pac-12 Join SEC in Not Licensing with EA Sports


The Big Ten and Pac-12 announced they will join the SEC and NCAA in not licensing their logos for EA Sports College Football video game series. It seems like the Ed O’Bannon lawsuit is really having an effect. The Pac-12 spokesman Erik Hardenbergh said in a statement:

“The Pac-12 Conference has decided not to renew its current licensing agreement with EA Sports that allows the use of Conference trademarks,” said Hardenbergh. “Our member institutions continue to make decisions on their trademarks on a school-by-school basis.”

The Big 12’s Bob Burda said that the conference had not discussed the situation, but will so in the future. The ACC hasn’t commented yet. It remains to be seen how this all will effect next years game(if there is a game) but we know the SEC, Big Ten, and Pac-12 logos and names will not be in it. It