Blake Griffin Agrees with CP3; Says he Wants Ball at End of the Game

Blake Griffin

The Los Angeles Clippers are one of the more interesting teams heading into the 2013 NBA season. With the return of Chris Paul and the additions of Doc Rivers at head coach, many consider the Clippers on the short-list of title contenders for next season.

But with all great expectations come great responsibility. And if the Clippers have any chance at becoming something more than just Lob City, the continued development of power forward Blake Griffin is key to that. Chris Paul let it be known that the Clippers will go as far as Blake takes them recently, and Griffin echoed those sentiments while talking with ESPNLosAngeles.

“[Paul] has a huge role on this team,” Griffin said Thursday in an interview with “He’s been the guy who has closed out a lot of games late for us.

“But in my mind, this is the year I need to step into that role and really help him shoulder that load. I’ll be right there with him at the end of games, being the guy that he can always count on.”

Continued improvement on his jumpshot and free throw shooting should make Griffin a viable option late in games. While I still personally would prefer CP3 have the ball in his hands in those moments, the only way to really grow as a player is to be given an opportunity. So don’t be shocked if when the game clock is winding down, Griffin has the ball in the post.