Bowl Games Coming to Bahamas and Boca Raton in 2014


College football is giving its greedy fans more of what they want. Brace yourselves folks because CBS Sports is reporting that it is likely that two additional bowl games will be added to the lineup. The games will be in Boca Raton, FL, and the Bahamas and will be played in 2014. Pinch me because I could be dreaming, but they’re adding two more games in tropical paradise locations.

Both of the games will feature teams from Conference USA.  The Bahamas Bowl will pair them with a team from the MAC, and the Boca Raton game will have a team from the MAC, Mountain West or American Athletic Conference. Of course there are your typical old school college football fans that think the addition of the two bowl games is overkill. Stop the madness! While this is clearly just another way for the college football to milk more money from their fans, more football can never be a bad thing.

One thought on “Bowl Games Coming to Bahamas and Boca Raton in 2014

  • More money, more bowl games and the players still do not get paid. College sports, a billion dollar a year business without having to pay players; what a scam!

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