Brandon Jennings’ Mom & Ex-GF Instagram Drama because of Groupies (Photos)


Athletes everywhere need to start a support symposium in order to teach each other the dangers of having multiple children with several women because the message has yet to come through. Pistons G Brandon Jennings joins the ranks or the social media defamed by the mother of his son, Brittany Bryant. is reporting that Bryant has decided to take her anger to Instagram.

It started because Jennings posted the following picture of some women after a night out at a popular LA night club:


Apparently Brittany felt that Jennings should better use his time spending it with their son, so she decided to add her two cents and commented:


Jennings’ mother then decided she would make a comment of her own and Brittany was not backing down.


What ensued is a messy exchange between two grown women who should know better, but then again, whenever an athlete is involved, people seem to lose their common sense.


Everything has since been deleted, but we all know that everything that goes on the internet is never really deleted. This isn’t the first time that Brittany has taken her ranting to social media. She posted this back when Brandon had cheated on her:


Brittany is clearly a repeat social media offender, so Jennings needs to be very wary of this. It is also possible that he knows and doesn’t really care.