Brian Kelly: ‘ND Would Have Performed Better vs Alabama Without Layoff’


Brian Kelly seems to think that the long layoff hurt his team in last year’s National Championship and affected their play against Alabama. Kelly was asked about the game in an interview with Dan Patrick this morning:

Dan Patrick: Could you have won that game against Alabama?

Brian Kelly: I think the circumstances needed to be a little bit different. I think if we had played in a playoff format the next week after the USC game, I think that would have been a better situation for us, but look, you know, could have, would have, should have. Alabama won the game, they were the better team that day. I think they were, in terms of preparation – that team was very well prepared. They had been in the moment before and I’m not going to take anything away from their performance on that particular day.

I know you have to search for answers but stop this now Coach. They could have played the hour after the USC game and that wasn’t going to stop Chance Warmack from pancaking Manti Te’o or Bama’s defense from flustering Everett Golson. Just put that one behind you and move on to this year.


Full interview below

2 thoughts on “Brian Kelly: ‘ND Would Have Performed Better vs Alabama Without Layoff’

  • Also if Lennay did not die in the car accident, she would have beat cancer.

  • He isn’t saying they would win, but I think its a fair point. Not playing real football for 2 months going against a great team is not good. 1 or 2 weeks off is fine but not months.

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