Broncos Wes Welker Says he had to “put up with” Bill Belichick

Wes Welker


Wes Welker has validated something many from the outside looking in, could only assume but couldn’t prove, and that is, working for Bill Belichick, is as miserable an experience as you would expect it to be.

The now Denver Broncos wide receiver, had an up and down season for the New England Patriots last season, then was low-balled during contract negotiations after having another productive season for the team.

According to a story by Frank Schwab of Yahoo! Sports via Sports Illustrated, Welker admits that it was difficult dealing with Belichick last season.

 “It was just kind of hard,” Welker said to SI, “one of those deals where you have to endure him, put up with him. . . .But he does it to everybody, it’s the way he is.”

Welker still feels Belichick’s shadow hovering over him, even though he’s left the Patriots and in a brand new situation.

“When I’m answering questions from the Denver media, I’m not worried about what the Broncos’ people are going to think,” Welker told SI. “I’m worried about what Belichick will think. Isn’t that crazy?”

Yes Wes, that is crazy. It’s very rare to hear an ex-player say anything negative about Belichick, it’s like he’s worked some kind of Jedi mind trick on them or something.

Can’t knock the results though, the man has three rings and a lot of wins under his belt.