Brooklyn Grocery Store Named After A-Rod to Change Name



This may actually hurt A-Rod more than Ryan Dempster’s fastball to his ribs.

According to a story via ABC Eyewitness News, the owner of a Brooklyn bodega, says that he is going to change the name of the establishment that he named after the embattled New York Yankees third baseman, because of the incessant complaining of his customers.

Owner Ricardo Rodriguez tells the Daily News ( ) Saturday that customers have been kvetching about the name of his store, A-Rod Grocery.

The establishment was called Pena Grocery until Rodriguez renamed it 13 years ago in honor of the then-Seattle Mariners slugger.

But now Rodriguez, who is not related to three-time MVP, says he’s sick of listening to all the griping about the third baseman.

You know what they say, the customer is always right.  No need to lose money over a name, these are rough times.