BSO & Gridiron Gals “Rise Above” Media Networking Event Sept 6th in DC (RSVP)

BSO Gridiron Gals

If it is one thing that I am very serious about is giving back to the people, because the one thing that I was lacking during my early years was support.

It was quite the opposite, more people wanted me to fail. People prayed (and probably still do) for my downfall.  Critics never have bothered me, you are supposed to be critique and this isn’t a business where everyone will like you.  But, some people just want you to be miserable, because they are miserable. That’s sad, but that is life, you just have to move on from it and not let it slow you down.  I’ve never wished harm or failure on people, even the ones I dislike, because I believe in karma and you always want to have some positive Mojo going on.

Thankfully with the support of a lot of great individuals over the years, we at BSO have been able to carve out a little niche in this big wide world of sports media. I never want anyone to have to deal with some of the things I have had to go through, so I will never turn away anyone who is reaching out to me for help.

That is why I am excited to announce a partnership with Gridiron Gals and my very dear friend @NFLChick for a networking event coming to Washington, DC. Why DC? Well, I am hoping Obama will come.

We came up with the theme of “Rise Above” because when people are trying to pull you down, you have to rise above it. You have to stay focus on the positive and surround yourself with positive people. It is something I had to learn, not to take the bait and fall into the circle of negativity.

So, in the immortal words of Suge Knight, if you don’t want your Executive Producer all in your blogs and want to learn some tips on getting started and expanding your brand, you should come out to the event.

Friday, September 6th at the Cantina Marina Sponsored by Captain Morgan

All the drinks and food are on me, but since I am poor that means only a limited number of spots are available at this event.  You can RSVP here (please only VIP if you are an aspiring or current journalists).

Oh, I have bonus info for those who just want celebrate the start of the NFL Season.

Gridiron Gals are holding their annual NFL Kickoff party on Thursday September 5th. Here are the details on that.

Greene Turtle at Arundel Mills 7556 Teague Rd #100 Hanover, MD 21076 Starts at 7pm
Sponsored by New Era and Ciroc

Kickoff party

Hope to see you soon.  Holla at me Barack.

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  • Might have to slide thru. NFL Chick and Chelsia are good folks

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