Bucks Larry Sanders New Mispelled Tattoo Says “Recieve” (Photo)


Ask and you shall receive. Don’t ask for the correct spelling, and you shall recieve.

Milwaukee Bucks Larry Sanders proudly posted pictures of his new tattoo on Instagram, when people immediately pointed out his mistake. Sanders laughed it off and was a good sport about it, and like somebody pointed out, its a pretty easy fix to move the loops and redot the I.

Thankfully, I always remember the lesson from the Charlie Brown Spelling Bee, “I before E, except after C”

One thought on “Bucks Larry Sanders New Mispelled Tattoo Says “Recieve” (Photo)

  • I before E, except after C.. unless of course if you are running a feisty heist on a weird beige foreign neighbor.. Which would be very weird thing to do.

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