Cam Newton Says Panthers Are Playoff Contender


Cam Newton is the unquestioned leader of the Carolina Panthers, and with that leadership comes an occasional bold prediction.

Newton and the Panthers are finally feeling confident about themselves, and according to Pro Football Talk, Newton “feels the Panthers are a playoff contender.”

“I really do believe it,” Newton said.  ”I’m not just saying anything because fans want to hear it.  I’m not saying just anything because it is good for my health.  And I won’t say anything that comes through my teeth that I really don’t believe in.  I believe in my players.  I believe in my offensive line that they are going to give me time to be successful.  And I believe that I have enough weapons at the wide receiver position that they are going to catch the football.  There’s no question about it in my mind.  I have an unbelievable running back corps.”

Can the Panthers contend for a playoff spot?

Yes.  But they will need the Saints or Falcons to slide back a bit, and probably need to win the majority of their matchups against NFC West opponents.