Caption The Photo: Alex Rodriguez Chilling At Starbucks


arod checking phone at starbucks


Not for nothing, but if I was Arod I would have my phone on ‘do not disturb’ until the end of time. Just saying.

When you’re the most targeted athlete in the sports world what’s a guy to do? Well, for Arod he decided to kick up his feet at starbucks and go on about life. MLB is expected to give Arod his ‘sentencing’ tomorrow, so consider this akin to ‘the last supper’.

Smart plan.

Aint worried bout nothing

photo courtesy of Deadspin

3 thoughts on “Caption The Photo: Alex Rodriguez Chilling At Starbucks

  • I’m a multi millionaire who is pissed off because everybody loves Jeter while everbody hates me!

  • A-Rod = I’ve made over $300 MILLION and I will never be BROKE. Middle finger to Bud, Cashman and those 2 Faced Yankee fans!!

  • I’m trying to get in touch with Ryan Braun or Barry Bonds, but they won’t return my calls

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