Chad Johnson Bought The Judge Who Threw Him in Jail a Pair of Louboutins

Chad Johnson Sex Tape 2

This is a fascinating read on what Chad Johnson or Ocho as most people know him spends his time. You should read the entire thing from the

One tidbit I found particular interesting, was what he did for the judge who threw him in jail for butt slapping his attorney during a probation hearing.

“When I had to go do the 30, my first thought was, Sh*t, if I can sit eight or nine hours in one spot and people-watch, I can do the time,” he says.

He didn’t have to. The judge let him out after seven days. Johnson sent her flowers and a pair of Louboutins as an apology. “That’s not bribery,” he explains. “That’s just how I am.”

Ocho goes on to talk about Evelyn, Football, Tweeting big booty girls on Twitter, Dave’s Cafe, being celibate allegedly, issues with his homeless friend Pork Chop, kissing killer whales, his mom being on coke and a whole lot more.

Would make for an awesome book.