Chael Sonnen Still Unlicensed for UFC Fight Night 26



According to MMA Junkie, Chael Sonnen is still unlicensed for his August 17th fight against Mauricio Rua.  A closed-door session of the Massachusetts State Boxing Commission is expected to meet on Thursday to determine if it will grant Sonnen the license to fight at UFC Fight Night 26.

The complaint, filed by New York and Washington, DC based union, United Here, can be viewed here.  In the complaint, it states that Sonnen should be denied at combat license due to a previous conviction.

Chael Patrick Sonnen is scheduled to compete in a professional mixed martial art event put on by
the Ultimate Fighting Championship (“UFC”) at the TD Garden on August 17, 2013.
We anticipate that Sonnen will apply for a professional unarmed combat license in accordance with 523 CMR § 6.01. We urge that the license be denied because Mr. Sonnen has been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude.

The crime of “moral turpitude” was a 2011 money laundering conviction.  United Here seems to be on a moral crusade against the UFC, also filing a petition last week to get minors banned from UFC events.

It appears the actual issue of concern for the commission may be Sonnen’s use of TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy), whether he has been using it appropriately, and if he submitted the appropriate medical documentation.

Sonnen vs. Rua is scheduled to be the main event on UFC’s first broadcast on Fox’s new sports network, Fox Sports 1, so they will surely be hopeul the commission rules in Sonnen’s favor.