Chargers LB Manti Te’o Nonexistent in NFL Debut


When Manti Te’o was taken early in the second round of the draft, it was a surprise to everyone. Between his situations with the mysterious, phantom girlfriend coupled with his weak performance at the BCS Championship game, it seemed that Te’o’s draft stock had plummeted. There’s always a team that’s willing to take a chance, and the San Diego Chargers were just that team.

It’s now been seven months, since his dismal performance against Alabama in the championship game, and we were finally able to see if San Diego’s gamble on Te’o was the right call for the team. Unfortunately, for the team and the fans, Te’o’s first performance was very reminiscent of his performance at the BCS Championship game reports CBS Sports. Though he only saw nine snaps in the game, Te’o was unable to disengage from the blocks in order to be involved in any of the action. He also recorded zero tackles.

Whether the people of San Diego should be worried remains to be seen. We can say that it was only nine snaps and that Te’o will have more opportunity to redeem himself.

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  • Manti was taken in the second round. And it was a surprise that he was not taken in the first round.

  • Dub – had the same thought and was going to post a similar comment.

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