Charlie Ward’s Advice To Johnny Manziel: Prepare For ‘Barrage’ Of Pressure

Z9WestburyChristian/Concordia FB

Man Charlie Ward was my hero growing up.

Ward has resurfaced, but he might be a little late giving his assistance.

Ward of course is the 1993 Heisman Trophy winner, so he has something in common with reigning Heisman king, Johnny Manziel.

The former Florida State quarterback talked to USA Today about some of the things Manziel is going through.

“I don’t think personally my life and my personality would have changed,” Ward said Tuesday from Houston, where he is a high school football coach.

“This is me. I am just one person. He is someone else. Everyone wants a piece of you and you have to know that’s part of it. You embrace it or run away from it, but you have to be consistent.”

Ward also spoke on the vastly different media both players were in. Ward for his part never had social media, or TMZ.

“No one really knows Johnny Manziel, outside the people who are with him every day and know the type of guy he is,” Ward said.

“There is a lot of good stories about him, a lot of negatives, so he has to continue to be wise and understand everything he does and says is going to be magnified.”