Chris Johnson Puts Nasty Move On Redskins Rookie Bacarri Rambo (video)


Football is back, and it seems that Titans star running back Chris Johnson might be as well.

Johnson has a chip on his shoulders, is chasing Adrian Peterson, and wants back in on the conversation for best back in the league.

Last night during the Titans preseason opener against the Redskins, Johnson got the holes from his offensive line that he’s been begging for, and he ended up one on one with Skins rookie Bacarri Rambo on the left has.

Johnson, as he should, did Rambo dirty.  Johnson hit Rambo with a nice juke that sent the rookie spinning, and CJ2K was off to the races.

Here’s hoping we see a battle for the NFL rushing title.  Week 17 of the regular season, Johnson and Peterson separated by yards.

GIF courtesy of SB Nation,