Clay Matthews Jr. Refers to RGIII as ‘what’s his name’ (Video)

Clay Matthews

The Packers know they face a tough task opening up the season facing the 49ers with Colin Kaepernick and then the Redskins with RGIII. They were playing Seattle which could be nice prep for those teams and Clay Matthews was asked about that:

“It’s real good preparation,” he said, via the DC Sports Bog. “We start out the season with the 49ers. I mean, we got…uh…what’s his name?”

Matthews was then asked if he was talking about Kaepernick.

“No no, the Redskins, coming here Week 2,” he said. “So it’s great preparation.”

Was that a slip of the tongue or was he taking a little shot at the 2nd year star, RGIII? Judge for yourself but I believe it was a shot