Coach Of Top AAU Hoops Program Arrested On Federal Drug Charges


Deadspin is reporting that the head of an elite youth basketball program has been charged in a high-profile drug investigation.

Curtis Malone, the co-founder and president of the famed AAU basketball program DC Assault, has been arrested after a year-long DEA investigation into his role in a D.C. drug ring.

DEA agents reportedly found what is believed to be 100 grams of heroin and one kilo of cocaine in Malone’s house.

DC Assault is one of the more well-known youth basketball programs in the country, and has been the propelling factor in a number of players having NBA careers.

Being the AAU coach, Walker helped to put his players in touch with college recruiters and coaches. Some of the well-known DC Assault players to make it to the NBA include, Andris Biedrins, Jeff Green, Keith Bogans, James White, Nolan Smith, and Michael Beasley.

Malone is being sued by Beasley, who accused Malone of steering his players to NBA agent Joel Bell in exchange for Bell’s help funding the Assault program.

According to reports, undercover DEA agents were able to score a number of heroin purchases from a dealer who worked alongside Malone, and found a kilo of cocaine in the vehicle of a customer who had just left Malone’s home.

Malone was convicted in drug related case in 1991.

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