Columnist Compares Johnny Manziel to Rosa Parks


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And you guys talk about how bloggers and independent media trolls, then someone from the mainstream media who is obviously desperate for attention writes something like this.

Once upon a time in this country, there were ugly, racist, tyrannical rules dictating where a black person could sit on a bus. There were all kinds of these laws, actually, created and defended by the racists who benefited from them.

What kick-started change was an average, everyday woman named Rosa Parks, who had grown tired of being tired. Hers was not the first protest, nor was it particularly the best. It was merely the tipping point for many Americans long since tired of these immoral laws.

Deadspin rightfully rips the columnist who I will not name because that would give them the attention they want. I am not sure what is with the columnists at Fox Sports, be it Whitlock or this idiot.

There is a way to get your point accross without being Skipish, but they haven’t quite figured out how yet.


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