Cowboys’ Players Say Riley Cooper’s Comments Will Make Him A Target


News of Eagles wide receiver Riley Hooper using racial slurs at a Kenny Chesney concert has made its way to other NFL locker rooms, and the reaction is similar to most.

Dallas Cowboys’ players were asked their opinions regarding Coopers remarks, and whether or not they would make Cooper a target of other African-American players on Sundays?

Cowboys safeties Will Allen and Barry Church both agreed that the racial slur used by Cooper would make him a target of other players.

“Absolutely. I’m just going to be honest,” Allen said after Thursday’s walkthrough practice. “You don’t want to see that somebody is going to be mad and perpetuate the negativity. I don’t think it’s something that we should do. I’m sure it will happen.”

“There are going to be players in the league that definitely are going to put a target on him. For me individually, if he apologized, I have no wrongdoing for him or harsh feelings for him. But there’s definitely going to be a target on him from other players in the league. I can tell you that much.”

Some players were even unaware of the incident until asked by reporters.

I feel like that’s one of the words you shouldn’t say at all,” Church said. “Even as a black person, you shouldn’t say it. I mean, it’s unforgivable, but we’re all not perfect in this world. Everybody makes mistakes. I’ve made some myself. I’m offended by it, but if he apologized, I guess you’ve got to let bygones be bygones.”