Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray Frustrated By Benching


Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray is supremely talented, but often injured, and sometimes unable to live up to the potential that jumps out when you see him carry a football.

Murray fumbled early on during the Cowboys preseason game Saturday night, and he was benched for the remainder of the first half.

Murray holds the keys to a lot of the Cowboys success, and is frustrated by being benched according to The Star Telegram. 

“We know how important the ball is,” Murray said. “I think there’s different approaches to go about it, so they chose to go about it that way, and I respect that. Just got to take care of the ball. At the end of the day, that’s the whole message.”

“Let it marinate a little bit,” Murray said of his thoughts on the sideline. “It was a little frustrating. I’ve got to be honest. But I’m just trying to make plays. I’m a competitor. I wasn’t mad at any one. I wasn’t pouting on the sidelines. I wasn’t anything. I was waiting for my opportunity to get back in the game. Once my number was called, I was ready to play.”

Murray returned in the second half, and gave the offense a spark.  It would be in DeMarco Murray’s best interest to hold on to the ball, seeing how Phillip Tanner is nipping at his heels.