Curtis Stevens’ Monster Left Hook; Is it KO of the Year? (Video)


Curtis Stevens isn’t the most well-known boxer amongst casual fans but his power gives him the potential to be a household name.

On Saturday night Stevens dismantled Saul Roman with a series of left hooks. His natural power is his best attribute and that is exactly what fans gravitate towards. HBO is in dire need of rising stars since Golden Boy has taken their star studded roster to Showtime Boxing.

Stevens is trying to capitalize off of this popularity and earn a match with Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin. Golovkin is a different class of fighter than what Stevens has been exposed to in the ring but many suspect that money is his driving force to get the fight.

It’d surely be an amazing match to watch. Either fighter is always just one punch away from victory, but one mistake away from defeat.

Check out Stevens’ KO of the Year contending punch below: