Curtis Stevens Scared of Gennady Golovkin, Declines 300k Fight


Curtis Stevens


Middleweight champ Gennady Golovkin has run into an all too similar problem, an opponent is attempting to dodge him. Curtis Stevens seems to be the latest boxer that is scared of the punching power of GGG.


Stevens is a heavy handed fighter coming off of an amazing KO victory over fellow middleweight Saul Roman. He has all of the tools to be a big draw for HBO and he may not want to add any more blemishes to his 27-3 record before he cashes out on his latest run of success.


Golovkin is a guy that can stop a streak like Stevens in a blink of an eye or a flash of a left hook.


Stevens may just be holding out for a bigger pay day but 300k for an underdog in a non-PPV fight is a pretty fair offer.


Regardless of how this shakes down in the next couple of weeks Golovkin will be knocking out someone in early November. He is a monster in the ring and only scratching the surface of what he can be as a boxer.



One thought on “Curtis Stevens Scared of Gennady Golovkin, Declines 300k Fight

  • Stevens never really wanted that fight. What Golovkin’s camp called his bluff. With all due respect, all of Stevens wins are against tomato cans. The only name opponent on his rssume is Andre Dirrell and he lost that fight. He also lost to a dude with a 19-15 record by TKO. I dont see how he can argue that he deserves more than 300,000.

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