Darren McFadden Wants To Be A Raider For Life


Darren McFadden is entering a contract year, and the oft injured, but talented running back is just looking to put together a complete season at this point.

The question now is what can we as football enthusiast, and the Raiders as McFadden’s employer for at least the next 18 weeks, expect from a running back looking to cash in.

McFadden who shows flashes of greatness, followed by two missed games due to injury, has made it known that he wants to stay with the Raiders.

“I love being a Raider,” McFadden said Tuesday, via CSN Bay Area. “As long as they want to bring me back and have me here for as long as they want to have me — I love being a Raider, and I’m here.”

McFadden simply has to go out and play, all the while staying healthy for the first time in his career.