Derek Jeter Rumored Engagement to This 23-Year Old Model (Photos)


At the age of 39 Derek Jeter has been paired with just about every gorgeous woman Hollywood and the sports world can conceive. With the Yankees shortstop approaching the end of his career, it’s about time Jeter started leaving a legacy somewhere other than on the baseball field. The New York Daily News is reporting that there’s a chance that Jeter is making plans to do that.

Sorry ladies but it seems Jeter has popped the question to 23-year old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Hannah Davis. All ladies can heave a sigh of distress. Jeter is clearly one of the most sought after bachelors in the sports community, and ever since July, Davis has been seen wearing the proverbial rock on the right finger.


There has been no confirmation of Jeter’s engagement from any of his people or Jeter himself. In fact, he and Davis haven’t even exactly said that they’re dating. They’re just seen together all the time ever since last summer, so it’s a safe bet to make that they’re a couple.

Now for the guys, just because it’s Friday, I present to you Hannah Davis:


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  • That’s her left finger.

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