Detroit Tigers Release Jose Valverde

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And now it’s time for another episode of ‘Being Fired on Your Day Off’ this time staring Jose Valverde.

The slumping Tigers closer has been toiling away in a Triple A affiliate in Toledo when he got the news that he was released from the team.

Valverde is a 35 year old vet and a proven closer, but as of the last 2 seasons his performance has dipped significantly. He signed the minor league deal back in April, and in his stint has seen his ERA balloon to 5.59 in 19 and 1/3 innings.

The Tigers have seen given the job of closer to Joaquin Benoit, and also have Jose Veras to add some depth to their bullpen.

Happy trails to Valverde.

H/T: CBS Sports

One thought on “Detroit Tigers Release Jose Valverde

  • Slumping Tigers? The only thing slumping was Valverde’s production as noted in this post. As of August 7th the Tigers were on a 10 game winning streak and shortly after this post that streak was bumped up to 11 games. Tigers overall are doing fine and are showing consistent signs of improvement

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