Did Umpire Blow Call In Yu Darvish Perfect Game Bid?(Video)

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Another example of just what a ‘joy’ the element of human error is.

Rangers ace Yu Darvish was making a bid for history in Monday’s game versus the Astros. In the bottom of the 6th, looking for his 12th strikeout of the game against Jonathan Villar with two outs, Darvish threw a low breaking ball, which he thought was good enough to be strike 3.

Both Darvish and catch AJ Pierzynski started walking  off towards the dugout when the umpire, Ron Kulpa called it ball two. Darvish went on to walk Villar, thus breaking up his bid for perfection.

Now, you be the judge: good call or another case for why MLB needs replay.

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GIF image courtesy of Deadspin