Dodgers Co-Owner Magic Johnson Gives Players Party Pass (Video)


It’s not as if Magic Johnson isn’t used to life of a high profile athlete. Magic was an integral part of the Hollywood Lakers, so you have to imagine that he knows all about a good party. When it was reported that several Dodgers players went to LIV nightclub in Miami and dropped $20K on alcohol the night before they lost to a terrible Miami Marlins team, the baseball world seemed outraged that such a thing was allowed to happen.

Well TMZ now has word that part owner of the Dodgers, Magic Johnson, has basically said it’s no big deal. Magic told this to reporters:

“We just gotta come back and win tomorrow….They’re grown men. They can hang out. They can party. I mean … they’re grown. We’re having a great season … so, one game is not gonna hurt us.”


Let’s face It folks, LA night life shuts down around 2am. Kemp and the boys wanted to take in those good extra 3 hours that South Beach has to offer. If Magic understands, then so should we.