Kevin Durant Threatens Man Who Says His Fiancee Looks Like Rondo (Photo)



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I guess you can say that there is a certain man code about talking about another man’s lady.  If you don’t have anything nice to say then just don’t say anything at all.

We all have different tastes in women.

Some like them husky, some like them slim, some like them Tiger Style, some like them Rondoish, who are we to judge?  KD posted a pic of his lady on Instagram and some guys broke the rules leading this exchange.

Kevin Durant Monica Wright 35

KD Instagram

On the one hand, you could say KD overreacted (he deleted the photo), but on the other hand you can say he just was defending his lady’s honor against claims of Rondo style facial features.

Whatever the case, just know when you post any photo to Instagram, regardless if it is you or your lady it is probably going to get critique.

If you can’t handle that, don’t press send.


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