Dwade Foundation Being Sued by Woman Injured at Charity Event


It seems that people are always looking for a way to get some easy money, and this appears to be true in the case of Chicago resident Andrea Alexander. TMZ is reporting that Alexander has filed a lawsuit against NBA star Dwyane Wade. Her reasons are simple.

While attending an event hosted by Wade’s charity foundation, Wade’s World, Alexander claims that a high school marching band that was commissioned to perform at the foundation went by her. However, Andrea claims that the aisles were so narrow that one of the band’s drummers hit her hard in the head with their drum mallet causing her “severe and permanent injuries.”

Alexander places the blame that it’s the fault of the Wade Foundation for allowing the aisles to be so narrow and wants a sum of $50K for her pain and suffering. In addition, she has filed lawsuits against the high school and the venue. There have been no pictures released of Alexander’s injuries, but it would be very interesting to see how they warrant all these lawsuits and money.