Dwight Howard Willing to Play PF Next to Omer Asik

Dwight Howard returns to LA February 19th.

Dwight Howard is continuing to say all the right things since his signing with Houston. That now includes being willing to play power forward next to Omer Asik:

There is no need to adjust. I have been playing basketball for my whole life. I started it up playing a point guard,” the NBA star told reporters at a press conference to welcome his third visit to Taiwan.

“I think it can make our team tougher. We need [me] being as a power forward some games and Asik being a center. We will have a big lineup, and it will be tough for teams to truly score,” the 27-year-old center said. “You have two guys to play great defense in the paint. So I think it is positive, and it is no conflict,” he added.

So let me get this straight: Dwight Howard is willing to accept a new role to make Omer Asik happy but couldn’t stand the thought of playing second fiddle to Kobe Bryant? Great logic there Dwight.



One thought on “Dwight Howard Willing to Play PF Next to Omer Asik

  • The logic isn’t that hard to understand dude. It’s all about how many looks/touches per game he’ll get. When you’ve got Kobe jacking up 20-30 shots a night no matter what obviously Dwight’s looks are going to suffer.

    He doesn’t really have to ‘adjust’ much going from the 5 to 4 for Omer. Not like Houston runs any offense for Asik…

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