Ex-Razorback OL Josh Melton Arrested for 2nd Degree Murder

josh melton

Josh Melton was an offensive lineman for the Razorbacks from 1999 to 2002. According to a report from the AP, he has been arrested on 2nd degree murder:

Fayetteville police say Melton was arrested Wednesday after Melton and a friend spent Tuesday night drinking. Authorities say Melton told police that he and his friend got into a confrontation after the friend vomited in Melton’s living room.

A police report says Melton punched the victim several times. The victim, whose name hasn’t been released, was pronounced dead by emergency responders.

The report says Melton was cooperative and concerned and said he didn’t intend to cause his friend’s death.

Wow this sounds like a crazy but sad story. Alcohol was involved and t hat definetly impairs your judgement but shouldn’t lead to murder. It’s just another reminder that sometimes it’s best to just walk away and not let every little thing escalate.