Ex-Skins Dexter Manley Explains Why Sex & Mistresses More Important Than Preseason



Hard to argue with this type of logic for Ex-Redskins great Dexter Manley.

I appreciate his honesty while talking to WTOP about the Redskins preseason schedule.

Host: Now the starters are only going to be in there for a few plays tonight. What do you watch for from them?

Manley: Well, I’m not gonna watch.

Host: Really?

Manley: No, It’s preseason.

Host: We’re trying to get excited here, Dexter.

Manley: Well, don’t get over excited.

Host: So if you’re not gonna watch, what are you gonna do tonight?

Manley: Uh, I’m gonna probably be having sex with my wife.

That wasn’t all, though. There was also this.

Manley: These guys are only getting like a five, six-hundred dollar check every week, but when the regular season starts, that’s when the big bucks start.

Host: Is that right? They only get small checks, just enough to pay the bills?

Manley: For training camp, yeah, it’s just chump change. Most of them probably got mistresses, and they’re giving the money out to them.

My only suggestion is if you are a low round draft pick, you might not be around when the “big bucks start”, so you might want to hold off giving that money to the mistresses.


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