Ex-Xavier Basketball Player Dez Wells Sues For Wrongful Expulsion

Ex-Xavier Basketball Player Dez Wells Sues

Ex-Xavier basketball player Dez Wells has filed a federal lawsuit against his former school and its president for wrongful expulsion.

In 2012 Wells was expelled from Xavier after a resident assistant accused him of sexual assault. Wells insisted the sex was consensual. After investigating the allegations the prosecutor assigned to the case did not pursue the charges and spoke publicly against the university’s expulsion process. A grand jury also failed to indict Wells.

H/T: USA Today Sports

“From the moment this nightmare began, I’ve been trying to get everyone to understand that I am innocent. The supposed leaders at Xavier wouldn’t listen. I was guilty even after I was proved innocent. Xavier destroyed my reputation. It needs to make this right. Xavier needs to set the record straight.”

In the lawsuit Wells states that the school’s disciplinary hearing process was unfair and defamed him by “publically proclaiming him guilty of rape.”

Dez, who now plays for Maryland, was allowed by the NCAA to play immediately after his transfer last fall. The swingman averaged 13.1 point per game for the Terrapins last season.

Good for this young man to stick up for himself. It seems like a grave injustice was done by the University and its President. Sexual assault allegations, even when found untrue, will follow someone for the rest of their life. While Wells is at it, the young lady that falsely accused him needs to held accountable too.