FAMU Makes Trayvon Martin’s Father Captain of Football Team


The part that will always bother me about the Trayvon Martin tragedy is that the 911 Operator told George Zimmerman not to approach the kid.

Regardless if you think Zimmerman acted in self-defense or whatever stereotypes you have about young black men in hoodies, the fact is if Zimmerman would have just followed orders, all of this would have been avoided.

What happened after that we will never know because Trayvon isn’t alive to tell his side of the story, but what we do know is this.  The reasons Zimmerman approached Trayvon or was concerned about him being in the neighborhood has a lot to do with why we still have a long way to go in race relations in our society.

Nice thing that FAMU is doing for his father.

The Florida A&M Rattlers have named Trayvon Martin’s father an honorary captain after a moving speech he gave the team on Sunday, coach Earl Holmes told the Orlando Sentinel.

Tracy Martin will perform the pregame coin toss for FAMU’s season opener against Mississippi Valley State on Sept. 1, as part of the honors, the Orlando newspaper reported.

One thought on “FAMU Makes Trayvon Martin’s Father Captain of Football Team

  • The 911 operator has no authority to give orders. At any rate, if you go listen to the tape when the operator tells Zimmermann “we don’t need you to follow him”, Zimmermann says “OK” and then states that Trayvon is running anyway. He went back to his car, he did not “approach” Trayvon as you and many others intimate. Trayvon initially ran and should have went home but his “I’m a little bad-ass MMA fighter” mentality got the better of him and he doubled back to confront the “creepy-ass-cracka” that had been following him. People you need to tell your kids that every state has some kind of concealed or open carry law and some form of so called “Stand Your Ground Law” (here in Missouri we have The Castle Doctrine) and understand that ANYONE may be carrying deadly force. The days of being “a man” and a tough guy and knuckling up with any stranger you think is looking at you the wrong way are OVER. You could wind up dead. Trayvon did attack Zimmermann and he shot him. I am a CCW holder, carry plenty of deadly force and I would have shot him sooner.

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