Fan who Hugged Cristiano Ronaldo: Inmates Treated me Like a Celebrity (Video)



Usually when a fan invades the field of play at a sporting event and makes a complete fool of themself, they’re usually wasted and their inhibitions have long abandoned them. This wasn’t the case on Wednesday night when young Cristiano Ronaldo superfan Ronald Gjoka, did the unthinkable.

After spending a few days in the slammer for invading the pitch during a pre-season friendly between Ronaldo’s Real Madrid and Chelsea, Gjoka did a YouTube interview where he explained his noble reason for taking the risk, his new found celebrity, and the unexpected star treatment he got while in jail.

The funniest part, which not many people know, we were in jail, it was about recess, and I starting kicking – we were playing basketball in the courtyard – a soccer ball, just for fun.

They asked me. ‘You know, we have a soccer player over here.’ And I told them, I said, ‘Man! That’s what got me in here in the first place!’ 

I explained to them the situation with Ronaldo. How it got me. They couldn’t believe it because they heard about it on radio, a crazy fan running on the field. And they said, ‘That’s you!’

I said, ‘Yes, That’s me.’ They said, ‘Man, we got a TV.’ About 30 prisoners all from the courtyard unanimously walked, rush right in there. We turned on the TV to Sports Centre. Two minutes, right after, boom, there I am on the TV.

That’s the way the nickname “Celebrity” came up in jail for me… It was one of weirdest best greatest feelings having convicts, criminals just pat you on the back, give you hi-fives.

Check Gjoka’s interesting interview here:


H/T to 101 Great Goals for the video.

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  • I also made a video explaining what happened that night in Miami one week ago when i hugged Ronaldo and the reason behind my actions if you could post the link to my video so people will see it and maybe hopefully Cristiano may see it too. Video –

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