Former Jets WR Chaz Schilens Bashes Mark Sanchez


There is never a dull day when it comes to the NY Jets. No one can really figure out which direction the team is heading in, and it seems as though a new player or former player comes out every day with nothing nice to say. USA Today is reporting that former WR Chaz Schilens has joined that Mark Sanchez bashing club. When asked about his one season with the Jets, Schilens had this to say:

“For me, there? Really, when it came down to it, I kind of felt like they were looking for scapegoats and besides everyone except for, you know, maybe the quarterback position, and it was what it was. When free agency didn’t start off right away, I just kind of understood what it was and part of the business.”

There is clearly no love lost between the Jets organization and Schilens. His obvious displeasure with the way the team seems to coddle Mark Sanchez just adds to the spectacle of the team. Count this as reason #13526 that the Jets had a terrible 2012 season.