Fran Tarkenton Says Bucs QB Josh Freeman Plays ‘God Awful’


Former NFL great Fran tarkenton is not a fan of Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman.

Tarkenton was on WDAE radio, and according to, said that “Freeman plays god awful at times.”

“He plays sometimes at a nice level,” Tarkenton said. “I’ve watched him a lot. He just plays god-awful. That’s who you are. It’s just a player being able to play or not play. Josh Freeman has proven to me that he can’t play.”


Tarkenton, who sometimes fires off weird criticism’s of players, might have finally gotten one right.  Freeman is madly inconsistent, and is the main reason the Buccaneers drafted Mike Glennon out of North Carolina State.

Freeman is the quentasential enigma.

He went through a five game stretch last year where he threw 13 touchdowns to 1 interception, averaged over 10 yards per attempt, and 35.6 points a game.

He then turned around and finished the year with two 4 interception games.