Geno Smith Named Jets Starter for Giants Game

Geno Smith

The Jets and Rex Ryan have taken a huge step towards naming their s regulastars son starting QB by naming Geno Smith the week 3 starter over Mark Sanchez.

Week 3 is the most important preseason game and the starters usually play into the 4th quarter. Geno Smith starting the game says a lot about who is now in charge in NYC. It is well known that Mark Sanchez is Rex’s guy and I’m sure Rex will say something to preserve Sanchez’s ego like, “We are just starting Geno because he missed reps last week due to his injury.”

The fact of the matter is that Mark played himself out of the starting position by making rookie mistakes during this preseason. So, why not just go with the rookie if that’s the case? What is there to lose?

Rex can’t continue to protect Mark from the inevitable, but he can’t be knocked for trying to Hakeem Sanchez as the starter. I mean he does have this tattoo that makes a lot less sense if Sanchez becomes a clipboard holder.

Rex Ryan tattoo