Giants Justin Tuck Says He’s Ready To Get Back To Being Dominant


Justin Tuck is 30 years old now, but feeling extremely young again.

Tuck told USA Today that he feels revitalized, and “wants to get back to being dominant again.”

“I feel revitalized, I just want to get back to being a dominant football player again,” Tuck told USA TODAY Sports Saturday. “I’ve always been my worst critic.

“Not making the playoffs and me not having anywhere close to the year I wanted wasn’t good enough. So I’m motivated to get back to playing my style of football. And not so I can quiet critics or get a new contract. This game is about winning and making other people better. I want to get back to winning because that’s what you’re always remembered for.”

Tuck has just 9 sacks over the past two seasons, and must get back to being consistent, for the Giants to excel.